Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sure Thai Lotto Tips 16/12/2009 (Poll)

Please Vote for your Top Thai Lotto Winning numbers for December 16, 2009 Thai Lottery Draw.

Final Voting results - best numbers:
9 - 23%
4 - 11%
0 - 10%
5 - 10%

Please check Top Thai Lotto Tips for 16-Dec-09 draw to boost your chances of winning the Thai lottery.

Previous Lottery Draw Voting Result

Sure Lotto Tips Poll (1-Dec-09):
Vote Results: Exact match!
Top Voted No.: 5, 9
Two-Digit Winning Number: 59
Congratulations to everyone who won the lottery!

Top Numbers Poll Statistics

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Anonymous said...

118 is the best number for the lottery for dec. 16 2009.......

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